All about color !!!!

⊗COLOR⊗  Chinese ~ yánsè French –  Couleur German – Farbe Color is important to everyday life and especially in fashion you put colors together that compliment each other everyday. You have a favorite color but when it comes to what different colors symbolizes do you really know? $$BLUE $$   BLUE symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, […]

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How to find your style?

    First§ Find 2 or 3 fashion icons … I say this because you need the first one that dresses with high fashion and things you wouldn’t really wear everyday but you can still get inspiration from . For me I have a second fashion icon for my Tom boyish look and the third […]

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Another Outfit Lookbook

  •    •    •    •     •     • OUTFIT #1 ” Does it look like I tried with my outfit “ ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓ Croptop- Shorts- Converse- Clutch- Necklace- OUTFIT #2 ΞΞ Shirt dress – Oversized sheer knit – Sandals- Purse- NET-A-PORTER.COM   OUTFIT #3 […]

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Summers Fashion

!! Summer Is Here !! Summer is here so that means dressing cute more than we did in the winter is a big must . The weather is getting hotter and we are trying to stay cute and cool but still be stylish . I have some tips for you. Why? Because my dressing lazy […]

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